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High-level summary of services provided. Please contact us should you have any questions 

Clean Environment Testing & Certification (CET&C)

We provide engineering and technical services to perform the performance testing of Clean Environments such as clean-rooms, isolators, bio-safety cabinets, down-flow weighing booths, etc. using our own equipment and instruments. The cleanroom performance testing includes:

  • Total Particulate counting as well as Sampling for Microbial (Viable) particulates

  • Facility Pressurization (differential pressures)

  • HEPA Filter Integrity Testing including repair when required

  • Filter Face and Work Height Velocities as well as measurement of Airflow Volume (Air Changes)

  • Video tapped Airflow pattern testing for Grade-A (ISO-5) environment using visible fog (Smoke Study)

  • Other site specific ancillary testing and documentation

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